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Floor Tiles Wilson Polished Blue 60x60cm

Color: Blue, Sky Blue, White Material: Porcelain Stoneware One Package: 1,44m² Optic: Retro, Vintage Surface: Glossy, Polished Tile / Sheet Size: 60x60cm Thickness: 9mm Characteristic: Rectified, Glazed Abrasion: Abrasion 3 Product Type: Wall Tiles, Floor tiles Format: Quadratic Area of Usage: Bath, Suitable for wet areas, Kitchen, Indoor area, Living Room, Shower, Not Suitable For Wet Areas

€38.90* per Package

Content: 1.44 Square meters (€27.01* / 1 m²)
Product number: HT88719

No longer available

The floor tiles Wilson polished blue 60x60 cm are porcelain stoneware tiles, which are very popular due to their versatility and their advantages in everyday use.

They are suitable for use in all interior areas from the hallway to the living or dining room to the kitchen. However, it should be noted that they are not suitable for wet areas. The floor tiles Wilson Polished Blue have a size of 60 x 60 cm and a thickness of 9 mm. The high temperatures during the manufacturing process give the porcelain stoneware floor tiles their special properties. Unlike other ceramic tiles, they are less porous, making them particularly dirt-repellent, more durable and hard-wearing. So they can also be used in heavily used rooms. Their other advantages include their extremely high wear resistance and their resistance to most chemicals and their resistance to aging. So there are no restrictions when cleaning the floor tiles. However, they also convince with their appearance and appear modern and very high-quality due to their polish.

The floor tile Wilson is a rectified floor tile. This means that they can be manufactured with exact 90 degree angles and can therefore be installed with only a small tile width. Laid in this way, they look like a uniform surface.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samples information:
Mosaic samples are delivered in a size of approx. ca. 10x10cm, Tile samples are cut out of the specified tile in a size of max. 30x60cm and can not be changed or returned

Every tile and every mosaic have different requirements for trimming, laying and und processing due to individual material characteristics and usage conditions. Please ask a local expert for correct and secure laying of your mosaics or tiles. We are not liable for unprofessional usage and faulty workmanship of constructions materials.


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