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Everything about tiles


Floor tiles and Wall tiles are a matter of course Equipment of every apartment and every home. But you also know where did the practical and decorative tiles come from?

WandfliesenThe history of the Tiling goes back a long way. Already approx In 2000 BC the soils of the Houses decorated with floor tiles. The forerunners of Current tiles were made from fired and air-dried materials produced. The Romans also used floor tiles that were mainly made of ceramics. After the sinking the practical floor tiles came to the Roman Empire temporarily forgotten and were characterized by screeds Lime and gypsum mortar replaced. Only from the beginning of the 12th Century tile floors regained importance. Mostly craftsmen in France and England manufactured, some artistically painted and colorful wall tiles and floor tiles. So it didn't take long for the attractively crafted tiles in many Colors and shapes found their way to Germany. Here were decorative tiles, especially in sacred buildings such as Churches and cathedrals used as a decorative element. Inspired by the motifs from the Orient, artistic mosaics were created from individual wall tiles and floor tiles, the ornate ornaments formed. In the 21st century, floor tiles and wall tiles are not more exclusively for decoration, the practical ones Tiles are an indispensable part of functional equipment of modern living spaces.

TerrassenplattenFloor tiles and Wall tiles - robust for everyday use

You will surely have a bathroom with tiles. In In damp rooms, wall tiles are particularly useful. The materials used are the floor tiles and wall tiles water resistant. Bathing and showering every day is one Challenge for materials, floor tiles and wall tiles withstand moisture easily. Also in the area of Kitchen where cooking liquids and fat are handled the insensitive wall tiles and floor tiles are the Building material of choice to give you an easy-care environment enable. Tiles are therefore particularly easy to clean not only in the domestic sanitary and kitchen area to be found, but also clinics and catering establishments the sturdy materials that make up floor tiles and wall tiles are manufactured. Especially in areas where hygiene is particularly important plays a major role, such as in operating theaters or Restaurant kitchens are wall tiles and floor tiles indispensable.

Tips for the effective cleaning of wall tiles and floor tiles

MosaikfliesenWall tiles and Floor tiles are considered insensitive and special easy to clean. This is not always the case. Therefore You heed a few tips to keep your tiles clean and long nice to get. By using in Sanitary areas are dirt on the floor tiles and Wall tiles with lime and toothpaste splashes are particularly common. Annoying grease stains are added to the kitchen area. Especially if you have light tiles, stains are quick striking and disturb the overall picture in the Premises. Therefore, you should use your floor tiles and Clean wall tiles regularly and from dirt and Free deposits. Simple home remedies and not aggressive Special cleaners fulfill their purpose and care here for shine and cleanliness of your floor tiles and wall tiles.

A common problem with tiles that are something older is the yellowing of the material. Use here For cleaning the surface of your floor tiles and Wall tiles are best just salt and a little turpentine. Against If the tiles become dull, ammonia spirit is a good remedy. Easy rub and the wall tiles and floor tiles shine again Shine. Also the use of linseed oil or simple vinegar ensures a shiny and clean Surface of the floor tiles and wall tiles. For the simply give effective cleaning of the floor tiles here Sprinkle vinegar into the prepared warm washer fluid and tiles get a nice shiny look.

With stubborn lime stains in the sanitary and Kitchen area, using orange peel is helpful around floor tiles and wall tiles shine in new splendor to let. Rub the affected tiles with the peel here, leave it on for about 1 hour and wipe then the floor tiles and wall tiles with a damp cloth after. In addition to the surface of the wall tiles and Floor tiles also need the joints be cleaned regularly. Help here too some simple home remedies. The use can be particularly effective of commercially available baking soda. Mix that Baking powder with a little water to a porridge. This paste will then, preferably with an old toothbrush, applied to the joints and washed off again. But also Ammonia spirit is an effective way of grouting your joints Floor tiles and wall tiles can be cleaned effectively.


AussenfliesenWall tiles and Floor tiles in the 21st century have long been no more functional rubbers. While one is in front A few decades ago there was still little choice for tiles and the decors often reminiscent of hospitals, there are now a variety of attractive colors and motifs for special beautiful floor tiles and wall tiles.

As one of the most popular floor and Wallcovering options wear modern wall tiles and Floor tiles make a decisive contribution to making the living atmosphere positive to help shape. Glazed and unglazed tiles are available here Selection. When choosing the appropriate floor tiles, you should above all pay attention to robust quality. New wall tiles and floor tiles are usually a purchase that should last for many years since the Floor tiles are particularly stressed in everyday use a good and stable execution is very here important. For indoor use, e.g. Floor tiles made of earthenware. If you have floor tiles for the Outdoor area e.g. for the terrace you can use matching stoneware or Choose brick tiles. Outdoor floor tiles must meet special requirements. Especially they should be hard-wearing and also frost-resistant Materials to be in the making.

No matter whether floor tiles or wall tiles, for the interior or the Outside, current tiles meet everyone Functionality and attractive design requirements. Now all you have to do is create your own personal one Model of the practical and attractive wall and floor tiles choose.

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