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Leveling compound

High quality tile adhesive for a secure hold

If you want to re-tile your bathroom, the interplay of high-quality materials is crucial. Different solutions come into play if you not only want to tile traditionally, but also want to install special materials such as cement tiles or mosaic in your bathroom. Today's tile adhesive has excellent properties and is a mixture of adhesive and plaster. However, the wall must be prepared in advance to ensure that your new tiles are securely held by the tile mortar. It makes sense to proceed step by step and not to skimp on the quality of the substrate. Three important phases are particularly crucial. Firstly the primer, then the application of the tiles with the tile adhesive and the subsequent grouting with tile mortar. Depending on the nature of the individual materials, this results in the overall quality of the new tile wall in your bathroom.

Floor leveling compound for a level surface

Depending on the nature of the surface in your bathroom, you have the opportunity to help accordingly. High-quality floor leveling compound ensures that unevenness is a thing of the past. This is ideal for smoothing, leveling, filling and leveling. Unevenness is easily removed and ensures that a smooth and level wall is the ideal basis for your high-quality tiles. High-quality floor leveling compound is firm and ensures a stable and dry floor. The combination of selected fabrics results in high-quality processing of the material. So it is also possible that the later tile adhesive and tile mortar will adhere without any problem and allow continuous processing and attachment of your tiles. You only need to mix this mass with water in a container and you can start smoothing the wall straight away. Now nothing stands in the way of installing the new tiles.

Apply tile adhesive securely

After you have ensured a smooth and even surface, the tile adhesive guarantees a secure hold. This material is characterized by a particularly high load capacity. Tile adhesive is not only suitable for the wall, but can also be used to attach the tiles to the floor. Due to the flexibility of the adhesive, the tiles can be laid with pinpoint accuracy. Both traditional cement tiles and mosaic tiles can be ideally attached in this way. Most tiles are made of ceramic and can therefore be easily used with the adhesive. The absorbency of the tiles also ensures that special adhesion to both the wall and the floor is very easy. It is advisable to use a notched trowel to apply the tile adhesive.

Tile mortar for secure grouting

After the tile adhesive has been applied, you have the option of leveling the joints with the tile mortar. This is particularly soft, flexible and also ensures that your valuable tiles do not get scratched. In combination with the look of your tiles, you can also choose the right color for your tile mortar. This creates an interesting overall visual appearance of your individual taste. You have the option of choosing from different colors of the tile mortar. Tile mortar is very easy to apply with a joint rubber. You have the option of ordering the right tile mortar in the online shop.

Mosaic adhesive for mosaic tiles

Many bathrooms are now equipped with visually appealing mosaic tiles. Here it is advantageous to use quality mosaic glue and to use an excellent hold. Mosaic glue is very easy to apply and dries in a short time. Mosaic glue is particularly suitable for fine work if you want your small mosaic tiles to hold securely in the appropriate places. Processing and application is child's play with this high-quality material. In the online shop you can choose from the appropriate adhesives for your project. This will quickly make your dream bathroom a reality!