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Primer, sealing slurry, waterproofing, sealing collar

Reliable primer and sealing for bathroom renovation

When it comes to renovating your own bathroom, appropriate preparations for the substrate are particularly important. A primer is e.g. necessary to prepare the base for further work such as tiling or painting a surface. This is also accompanied by a professional seal for water connections to ensure hygiene in the bathroom and maintain functionality over the long term. A modern primer can now be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. Various products can be diluted with water and are suitable for highly absorbent substrates as well as sanding surfaces or plasterboard. A primer offers the possibility of providing a perfect hold for tiles or plaster, which is particularly important for further processing in the bathroom. Easy processing with brushes, syringes or paint brushes is also an advantage if you want to work with a primer.

Sealing slurry for additional sealing

Substrates can contain cracks, holes or joints. With a primer, you can therefore use sealing slurry to seal the wall with the material. Sealing slurries are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, for walls and floors, to prevent moisture from penetrating under tile coverings on balconies, shower facilities or terraces. Even massive service water tanks are specially coated with sealing slurry and ensure dryness for a long time. Sealing slurry bridge cracks and thus also offer a high level of safety. The material does not crack and is ideal for applying primers or adhesive mortars for cement tiles later. The special suppleness makes sealing slurry ideal for easy filling. Many products can even be injected and impress with their low-emission processing. This gives you the opportunity to optimally prepare your walls and to use the best possible quality of the materials when renovating the bathroom.

High-quality sealing with different materials

When you have applied your cement tiles, they must be grouted to a high quality. Usual sealants made of silicone or acrylic have sufficient elasticity to seal closed joints absolutely watertight. The elasticity of the material makes sealing very easy. In addition to solutions for sealing slurry or a primer, the sealing coating as a solvent-free sealing compound is also possible. Especially under tiles and paving, it is ideal for damp rooms and is easy to work with. Just two to three coats are enough. After a drying time of two hours, you can apply ceramic coverings. So it is possible that you can design your bathroom reliably. The easy processing of the materials and different solutions such as primer, sealing slurry and sealing allow a lot of leeway. Depending on the nature of your space, you can implement various options. With a professional seal, the equipment in your bathroom is guaranteed in the long term and enables optimal hygienic properties at a fair price-performance ratio.

Sealing sleeve for connection to piping systems

In addition to a tight wall surface, the tightness of pipes and water connections in the bathroom is particularly important. Corresponding solutions exist here that make reliability and flexibility possible. A sealing sleeve is ideally suited to connect toilets with the outlet of the pipes. Available in different shapes, vertical drainage pipes and vertical solutions can be combined with one another. With a sealing sleeve you can benefit from the flexibility of a lamellar seal. The easy attachment to the pipes is just as possible as the individual adjustment and positioning. The sturdy rubber material is also corrosion-resistant and safely drains waste water. At the same time, you achieve odorlessness and benefit in the long term from the hygienic properties of this solution. Different models of a sealing collar are available in the online shop for every pipe size. Only the interaction of all components guarantees a high level of quality for the renovation in your bathroom.