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Abrasion classes

Abrasion classes for tiles

The wall or floor tiles are divided into 5 following abrasion classes:
Class 1 : The floor tile for rooms with light wear, e.g. the barefoot and slipper area in bathrooms and bedrooms, sanitary rooms or as a wall tile.
Class 2 : The floor tile for rooms with medium use, through normal footwear such as the general private living area (except kitchens) in the living and dining room, stairs and terraces.
Class 3 : The floor tile for rooms with moderate use and can be used in the entire living area, e.g. in hallways, corridors, terraces and balconies.
Class 4 : The floor tile for rooms with high traffic, e.g. in house entrances, kitchens, work and utility rooms.
Class 5 : The floor tile for heavy use in all rooms and on surfaces that are extremely stressed, such as Shops, hotels, restaurants, garages, industrial laboratories and similar areas are used.

ATTENTION Glass mosaics have NO abrasion classes.