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Showerprofil-S stainless steel

Tile stainless steel profile
A tile project always needs the necessary accessories to get an optimal result. After all, what good are the best tiles for you if they have been laid inappropriately and ultimately lead to dissatisfaction, since water in a shower cannot run off optimally. A stainless steel profile should not be missing in a rain shower if you want to connect the floor profile securely and aesthetically. A shower profile made of stainless steel is particularly suitable here, as they are robust, high quality and, above all, beautiful to look at. With the help of the stainless steel profile you not only ensure a simple and secure connection of your tiles, but can also embellish your rain shower with an individual tile landscape and color-coordinated details. Especially with a trendy glossy black, for example, silver-colored elements look even more high-quality and noble thanks to highlights. Due to the fact that a stainless steel profile is very robust, the shower profile is particularly suitable for areas that are exposed to heavy and damp loads, such as a rain shower. A shower profile or floor profile made of stainless steel can contribute significantly and additionally to the necessary security. Because a stainless steel profile prevents, among other things, potential tripping hazards that can be caused by floors of different heights. As a rule, you will find a large selection and variation of tile profiles with a stainless steel profile in the online shop, which is suitable for your wishes or planning.

Shower profile and areas of application
Floor coverings within an apartment or house are very different. Correspondingly, distances and expansion joints to wall and room closures must be observed. Under certain circumstances, there may be differences in height between them, so that there may be gaps in the transition area, for example with doors in the shower. The most common area of application for floor profiles is at transitions. Often, gaps in floor tiles that have the same height have to be closed. Ideally, you can solve these problems with a shower with a classic shower profile.

Slope and shower profiles
The stainless steel shower profile, with a slope edge of two percent, can be used for the perfect solution for sloping surfaces. Especially with regard to the connection to level floors with floor-level showers in which linear drainage is used. The shower profile is usually available as a left and right version. In summary, the advantages are the simple installation with a two percent gradient, a unique gradient profile for linear drainage and the design for a left and right connection. The time-consuming incline cut from the floor tiles is no longer necessary. Other gradient sizes, however, can be implemented using other tile thicknesses.