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Edge protection profile kitchen worktops

Cement tiles are also suitable for the kitchen and can also be used for the Design of a countertop can be used. The extraordinary Design of natural stone tiles and their visible structure are suitable for designing a kitchen, where the tiles are skilfully staged can be.

Using patterns, colors and ornaments on a countertop

Striking patterns, traditional ornaments and unusual ones Colors, that's what sets cement tiles apart. Cement tiles were already used during the early days for their floral elements. Of the The tiles have retained their exclusive character to this day remained. Cement tiles are suitable for floor design in the bathroom, in Entrance area, in the hallway or in the kitchen, here you can create unique accents. A countertop can be used in the kitchen Cement tiles can be designed uniquely. An edge protection profile ensures for a clean finish and makes it easier to clean the Countertop uncommon. The end profile can be chosen to be round or square and gives the tile profile on the countertop a completely special appearance.

Beautify the worktop with cement tiles and an edge protection profile

The cement tiles with a finishing profile should only be on one laid on a clean substrate, it must be dry, load-bearing and be free from dust. If the subsurface has been carefully prepared, then an installation plan must be created in order to achieve a perfect tile profile obtain. An edge protection profile or a finishing profile ensure a clean and safe end to the tile profile. There one If the worktop is used often, it must have clean edges be respected, because they make cleaning a lot easier. the Ornaments and colors of the cement tiles set new accents in the kitchen and are guaranteed to catch the eye. The kitchen floor as well as the Countertop on the cabinets can be the same or matching Cement tiles are embellished. So you get a unique one Kitchen according to your ideas,

Caring for cement tiles on countertops

If the cement tiles have been laid, then the first has to be Surface treatment done. The manufacturers offer one for this Impregnation or plate oil to treat the surface. In the Impregnation hardly changes the surface, but the Surface so dense that dirt and dust don't stand a chance to fix. Treatment with plate oil brings the colors out of the Tiles show off perfectly. The oil not only cares for the surface of the Tile profile, it also makes the tiles shine. Cement tiles for the worktop, care products, tile adhesive, the end profile or the edge protection profile can be purchased in the online shop. at The team from the online shop will advise you comprehensively and on all questions professional. In addition to a large amount of colors and materials is available a large selection of different edge protection profile or end profile to choose from. Appropriate There are acrylic or metal edges in for every kitchen design different designs. This means that there can be a certain in every kitchen Effect can be achieved. The right visible edges can ensure this, which at the same time can perfectly complement a worktop.