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Large format tiles

Large format tiles are tiles with an edge length of at least 60 cm. If you want it even bigger, you can even choose an edge length of 90 cm or 120 cm. At the moment, you can no longer take a look in residential magazines or on websites and blogs on the Internet without encountering large-format tiles. There is no way around this trend. And not without reason. Large format tiles have a few serious arguments. Let yourself be inspired by the XXL format.

If you are in the fortunate position of building or renovating, you should not miss out on the advantages of such a purchase.

Why large format tiles?

If you think that large-format tiles are just something for spacious rooms, you're wrong. Small areas and rooms in particular benefit from large-format tiles. They make the room appear larger, since few joints disrupt the surface, the surfaces appear spacious and even. The closed surfaces bring peace into the room and if you then even match the joint color to the tiles, the impression of a uniform, noble surface can be enhanced. The calm overall picture through large-format tiles can in turn be combined with other, also more playful tiles and refined with a mosaic or a border. Large-format tiles offer the perfect frame for a targeted eye-catcher through small, for example, contrasting tiles. After all, you have the luxury of a uniform surface and can complement your wall or floor tiles individually and personally with two playful details to give the room its personal touch without causing any unrest.

Large format tiles are easy to care for

Of course, anyone who has ever had an older bathroom will remember that few joints, due to large-format tiles, also mean less joint space, which over time is caused by the environment, moisture, etc. can be attacked. Everyone knows this problem in the bathroom. Fewer joints, thanks to large-format tiles, also mean easier cleaning and less unsightly mold spots. The noble closed area through XXL wall tiles z. B. will impress each of your guests and you too in the long run. New hotels in particular are taking advantage of this. Large-format tiles mean that there is less work for the cleaning staff and a big impact in small rooms. Why shouldn't you also benefit from this visual and practical trick in your private rooms? XXL floor tiles also make every room appear classy, neat and spacious. It is not necessary to do without individuality here. The oversized wall tiles and floor tiles are available in every conceivable version. Just for example tiles with a metal look are very popular. Their noble appearance is emphasized by every light source and it fascinates anew from every point of view of the room. At the same time, however, the surface remains harmonious and calm.

Laying large format tiles

In general, for large-format tiles, the larger the tile, the more impressive the effect. However, working in pairs is recommended for laying. The tiles are a lot heavier than z. B. Wall tiles in a smaller format. It is therefore best to have several hands and eyes for the alignment, since a crooked tile, even with floor tiles, is also visually more important. It also requires a flat surface and a stable surface for wall tiles. Find out if you plan to do the laying yourself, e.g. using a so-called "decoupling mat", your project will definitely succeed.