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Wood look tiles

Tiles in wood look as wall and floor tiles

A wooden floor radiates warmth and creates a homely atmosphere. But wood is far less resilient than a floor that you can make from tiles. Tiles with a wood look are a new trend with which you can, for example, opt for a natural wood look in the bathroom or kitchen and still choose a stone floor with wood tiles. Here you will find a wide range of wood tiles online, with which you can design not only the floor but also your walls if you wish. At first glance, wall and floor tiles are indistinguishable from real wood, which means that they combine the advantages of wood design with the advantages of porcelain stoneware tiles.

Wood OpticMany advantages convince with tiles in wood look

Wooden tiles made of stone do not fade in the sun, do not tend to water stains and are absolutely waterproof in their surface. They are durable and robust, ideal for use with underfloor heating and particularly easy to care for. Unlike a real wooden floor, your floor made of tiles with a wood look does not require any special care, but can be easily cleaned with water and detergent. The optimal thermal conductivity, as well as the pleasant coolness in summer are clear advantages that you get from stone floor tiles in the look of real wood tiles. In design. You can choose the color and grain of your wood look tiles according to your own ideas and prefer dark, shiny tiles as well as matt and particularly authentic wood tiles. In addition to being used as floor tiles, wood-look tiles have long since conquered a place on the wall and are ideal for bathrooms or the tile mirror in your kitchen. Especially if you use an open kitchen, classic tiles are only suitable to a limited extent and could limit the feeling of space. The situation is different with wood-look tiles, whose nuances are coordinated with the furnishings of the room and can provide a representative, warm flair

Living room Optical wood tiles - functionality and stability of stone tiles

If you prefer wood as the floor covering, you used to have to make do with the limitations of a wooden floor and particularly protect the soft surface, which tends to be scratched. Today you can choose tiles with a wood look and choose absolute watertightness as well as the most stable properties even under heavy use. Especially with floor tiles, the decision in favor of stone will be of advantage to you, because you can, for example, create a smooth transition from the kitchen area to your open living space. Wood was therefore very often used in open-plan kitchens, which in terms of properties is not very suitable for use in the kitchen. With tiles in a wood look, you can create smooth transitions or you can choose to lay out the entire room with attractive wooden tiles made of stone and create a harmonious overall picture.

In order to create an even surface and get the full benefits of wood-look tiles, you should hire a specialist to lay the tiles and look for a professional floor tile service embarrassed to leave. Wood-look tiles combine warm designs with extremely hard-wearing properties of stone.