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Travertine tiles


Travertine for inside and outside

Even the ancient Romans knew the advantage of natural stone travertine. This is freshwater lime, which always gives a unique picture due to its bullets.

Travertine tiles for outdoors

Almost all historical buildings in Rome are built with this natural stone, which in turn speaks for its high resilience. The polishing always creates a unique image, because each tile has different inclusions. However, travertine tiles are not polished for outdoor use, because the open pores of the stone are important here. In this way, the facade can withstand wind and weather without one of the travertine tiles losing its charm. Because the different patterns give each tile its very special charm, which is also wonderful in rooms.

Natural stone enchants all rooms

Travertine is not only found in Italy, although it was previously known as the stone from Tivoli. So it is clear where the name comes from, but there is even this type of rock in Egypt, Spain, Italy and of course in Germany. Of course, each area has its own travertine, which differs from the bullet points. However, travertine tiles can also be used to decorate door frames or window frames. This material has always been popular in areas where this natural stone was found, such as in Thuringia. Here, too, there are many historic buildings that were clad with travertine tiles.

Travertine tiles easy to work on

Since travertine is a light stone, it was repeatedly attached to facades . Its porous structure even withstands cold without freezing itself. However, the travertine tiles quickly develop a patina in the outdoor area, but this is exactly what increases the very special charm. In addition, the inclusions of plants give a unique picture. Design houses inside and outside with natural stone, this is made possible by travertine tiles. Easy processing is another advantage, as is easy maintenance. A pattern that nature made.