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Overview of mosaic tiles

Tiles and the mosaics made with them were already very popular in ancient times. This was due to the cooling effect in hot Mesopotamia, Rome and Egypt as well as the decorative and narrative optics. Mosaic tiles were used for decoration, but also to tell historical, religious and social backgrounds. Natural stone was the material for this. In the 21st century and in times of climate change, this traditional technology is experiencing a new renaissance.

Modern design options with mosaic tiles

Due to their natural structure, natural stone tiles are the most common variant alongside tiles with a wood look. In addition, a distinction is made between wall and floor tiles. Floor tiles must of course meet higher requirements such as weight, impact and tensile forces, etc. than wall tiles. Mosaics can be designed excellently with both versions. You can also choose from mosaic tiles made of pebble, glass, marble, Vynil self-adhesive, metal, ceramic or porcelain stoneware.

Mosaic tiles made of natural stone, ceramic, pebble, marble

Natural stone mosaic tiles are the only exception to industrial production. Natural stones are naturally mined. This is slate, marble or gneiss. Mosaic tiles made of natural stone, marble or ceramic can be combined excellently with industrially manufactured tiles made of glass or stone. Tiles made of pure natural stone look noble, classic and convey a pleasant feeling of living. Wood and natural stone, pebbles, marble or ceramics are an unbeatable combination that has proven itself a thousand times over. This looks great inside. Natural stones usually only show one color that runs through the rock. Depending on what kind of materials are combined or how the individual mosaic stones are laid, interesting patterns and great effects result.

Special creations with mosaic tiles

Tiles made of natural stone, pebbles, marble or ceramics create striking accents in the middle of a wooden table or in the form of an individually designed motif on the wall. Above the fireplace, they are eye-catchers that the viewer will surely not forget anytime soon. Mosaic tiles give your bathroom an antique look. Create your own murals or rock cave with a waterfall. But the self-adhesive mosaic tiles can also be used to set wonderful accents on boxes. Mosaic tiles in the kitchen give it a Mediterranean ambience. Regardless of whether it is the floor, the walls, the kitchen table or just parts of it. Of course, the tiles made of natural stone are also suitable for decorating mirrors in the bathroom, bedroom or anteroom. Mosaics made of glass or metal tiles are particularly effective.
Mosaic tiles made of natural stone and co - renovations made easy!
With the many different designs, there is a wide range of options available to you. Select the materials, shapes and colors and cut them with a normal box cutter as desired. With a self-adhesive background, the tiles can be attached very efficiently and easily. The biggest advantage of these versions is that the weight is a lot less than with pure stone versions. In addition, the transport is easier, more environmentally friendly and the materials are far cheaper. The look and the properties remain excellent.
There are no limits to the color, shape or combination of materials. Anything you like is allowed! If you have any questions about processing, materials, etc., we will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email.