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Antique marble


Whoever spoke the first time about "Antique marble", thinks of mosaic and Marble works from ancient times. That beautiful marble But does not have to be from antiquity, you can see it if you visit a tile shop for natural stones. Perhaps the path leads you to this establishment to become one choose beautiful flooring or the right tiles or the right mosaic for the new bathroom. In one You will find beautiful tile shops Natural stones that do not make it easy for you to choose to decide the right product. No matter whether it's tiles or a mosaic in this natural stone business you will definitely find the right one.

If Instead of mosaic or tiles for the beautiful antique marble, then you should already know what antique marble is. In principle, the antique marble is chance emerged because a waste product was turned into a new beautiful product. The base of antique marble is actually the waste of natural stones that are used in the manufacture of the tiles or mosaic tiles arose. Antique marble is an absolute timeless product that is very easy to handle and is also easy to care for. Opposite the Tiles or the mosaic can be used as a product of antique marble designate that is undergoing artificial aging. The natural stone gets its antique through special processing methods Appearance, that is, through a special Surface and edge processing becomes from the original product of antique marble. Antique marble is in different shapes, either the surface tumbled, brushed or sandblasted. This means that minimal fragments are released from the surface and this causes natural aging. The antique marble is extremely insensitive to the mosaic and the tiles and especially easy to care for while tiling and mosaic are relatively soft and borrows scratches. The basis for the Antique marble mainly forms the limestone, travertine or the marble itself. Now that the antique marble is on the market has established, the antique marble can also be found in shape countless tiles, as decorative elements and also as Molded parts, such as on bathtubs and wash basin consoles. As a design element, antique marble goes very well with wooden elements or other building materials that are in classic. More rustic or modern Shape are worked. But also in interaction with mosaic and tiles Antique marble is the perfect choice.

Which one You still have uses if you use mosaic instead or tiles use the antique marble? You can use the antique Use marble as:

- In addition to mosaic as borders, for cornices, as decor, for rosettes,
- as panels, separately or in combination with wood,
- Special designs, such as plinths, entire stairs, individual ones Step plates,
- Cladding, windowsills, countertops, shelves
- Antique marble rugs,

With that you have numerous possible uses at hand how to use antique marble instead of tiles and mosaic can. Do not have tiles or mosaic yourself then you should opt for laying tiles or antique marble mosaic a suitable help, such as one Find a tiler or a company that does the antique marble, as well Can cut and lay tiles or mosaic correctly. Expertise in tiles and mosaics should already be available so that you can enjoy the products for a long time. Likewise, the Professionals will be able to provide important information pass on to you via tiles and mosaic, as well as tips for cleaning and maintaining the antique marble. If you are in one Natural stone business then buy your tiles, mosaic or antique marble you will also receive the right recommendations there who can lay, seal and possibly Can take over repairs. So you are always on the right side and will have a lot of fun with the antique marble.