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Bathroom mosaic

Bathroom mosaic for an individual, decorative bathroom design

For the bathroom, tiles are the optimal wall and flooring. With floor tiles in the bathroom you should also still have important security features in mind. Terracotta and certain natural stones are in the usual execution less suitable for the bathroom that it as a result of larger pores and surface texture gives a higher water absorption. However, you will also find terracotta tiles and natural stone tiles, the surfaces of which are in special production methods were closed and smoothed. The design naturally plays an important role. Very suitable a beautiful bathroom mosaic for the wall tiles.

Mosaic tiles for the bathroom - versatile, easy to use embarrassed

picture1 With most mosaic tiles are ceramic or glass ceramic. For a decorative bathroom mosaic you can compare the small mosaic or a mosaic with larger elements, regular or choose irregular elements. You find the bathroom mosaic is single-colored, two-colored or multi-colored. Mostly bathroom mosaics are chosen for wall tiles. With a you will find sure-footedness from R11 and slip resistance of class C also mosaic for the floor. When walking in the shower, they should have at least that slip resistance class R12. With the wall tiles for that bathroom mosaic, you can also in the walk in shower focus solely on the design. A bathroom mosaic ceramic wall tiles can even inexperienced Easy to install for DIYers. Mosaic tiles are on Grid drawn. The smaller the mosaic, the easier it can be cut the floor and wall tiles. You don't cut the tile, but the grid. Even with corners, wall projections, the The bathroom mosaic proves to be a niche for the walk in shower easy to use. The surfaces should be smoothed be. Small bumps can be small stones Customize mosaic tiles. To seal the joints, the joint compound just spread over the mosaic so that all the joints are good are filled. After drying, the Mosaic tiles then simply a thorough cleaning with a good one Be subjected to tile cleaners. From glazed tiles the joint compound is particularly easy to remove. This process with coarse-pore mosaic is lengthy, however shouldn't be used in the bathroom anyway.

Combine mosaic tiles

Colored wall tiles can be used very decoratively as bathroom mosaics discreet floor tiles of larger format combine. Will be multi-colored mosaic porcelain stoneware for the Wall tiles used should not be the same for the floor a multi-colored design can be chosen. You can also the walk in shower with beautiful tile mosaic throughout embarrassed, provided you use kick and kick non-slip floor tiles. The walk in shower or having a shower tray with tile mosaic can also be used with rectangular floor and Wall tiles in the rest of the bathroom can be combined decoratively. A You can also create beautiful bathroom mosaics with solid colors use tiles as a tile border or just a wall with tile mosaic shape. Mosaic designs are real for the bathroom combination artists that you can customize can insert imagine. With a mosaic border or a mosaic insert as a pattern must be with all tile the same thickness can be observed.