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Metal mosaic tiles

Metal mosaic on the wall

A stainless steel metal mosaic is the possibility to set accents between your normal tiles and to create a unique mural with mosaic tiles. You can let your creativity run free and use the metallic stainless steel metal mosaic to create ornaments and symbols, as well as boundaries and paragraphs as a transition between the tiles and the wallpaper. In terms of processing, mosaic tiles do not differ from classic wall tiles, so you do not have to pay attention to any special details and incorporate them into the installation on the substrate.

Mosaic tiles can be laid universally

It is important that you work particularly cleanly with stainless steel metal mosaics and that you choose the tiles for the tile mirror in the same thickness as your stainless steel metal mosaic. If you have no experience laying tiles, you should leave the installation of your mosaic tiles to a specialist and entrust a tiler with the design of your kitchen or bathroom. Stainless steel metal mosaic mosaic tiles inspire with a gently shiny surface that is convincing in terms of both appearance and feel. Therefore, they enjoy great popularity in wall design and inspire with their simple processing and versatile possibilities in use. The metallic effects of a stainless steel metal mosaic can be found in a modern kitchen or trendy bathroom in various details, for example in the fittings or the handles of cupboards. Accordingly, you create a transition to the facility and can implement ideas that are hardly possible with a classic and non-accentuated tile mirror without mosaic tiles. Stainless steel metal mosaics offer a wide range of ideas not only in a straight line as the top end of the tile mirror, but also as an individual pattern.

In this section we present our current collection of stainless steel mosaics in different formats and metals. Whether as decor or in combination with porcelain stoneware tiles - metal mosaics have particular design advantages over glass mosaics and natural stone. Our stainless steel mosaic is available in different formats such as 48x48x8mm, 23x23x8mm, 15x48x8mm or 23x48x5mm. In addition, at Mosafil you will find mosaics made of stainless steel such as copper, bronze, black, silver and gold.

You can find mosaic tiles made of metal and other materials in the category Mosaic tiles .