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Natural stone mosaic always an eye-catcher

The mosaic as an art form found the first distributions in the Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient Rome. Already before of our era formed different colored tiles and stones the basis for creating pictures from everyday life and religion. Today a natural stone mosaic tiles are the best prerequisite to include in your own four walls. The possibilities of designing with the natural stone mosaics are as versatile as with industrially produced ones mosaic tiles.

The natural stone mosaic - possibilities of application

natural stone gets its name from the traditional promotion and editing, in contrast to usual tiles, natural stone is not industrial produced. Whether slate, marble or gneiss, the only processing, which the tiles experience corresponds to the original Stonemason's work. Natural stone is affected by physical influence won and shaped with special material. The different coloring of the naturally occurring mosaic tiles is also versatile with natural stone, like the ancient mosaics show.

Natural stone mosaic with glass and wood - the puristic hit

natural stone The natural stone mosaic can either made entirely of natural stone or with industrial made of stone and glass can be combined. The different combinations achieve different effects pure natural stone mosaic with mosaic tiles from one stone, works simple and classic. The possible usages are walls and floors. The pure natural stone mosaic can can be combined with glass tiles and glass surfaces. The effect is very noble and puristic. Connect glass and tiles made of natural stone classic with modern. This combination is in bathrooms and kitchens particularly popular. A similar effect will made by combining it with noble wooden surfaces. The effect of natural stone mosaic, glass and wood offers simple designs. The combination of different colors relaxes that strictly puristic picture on.

Color for variety

Color design takes place either with natural stones the combination with other natural stones or through the combination with usual tiles. The effect is when combined with other natural stone pleasant. The combination of natural colorings appear simple and high quality, reminiscent of the early mosaics in ancient cities and also religious buildings. The natural stone mosaic becomes design element that integrates your own four walls into one mediterranean light. This is inside and outside very possible. Combinations result here on the wall or on the floor. The combination with industrially manufactured tiles spice up the appearance even more. The industrial mosaic tiles in a natural stone mosaic accommodating provides for very striking accents. who want to combine very opposite colors a few color samples before ordering the mosaic tiles let it work.

High quality mosaic tiles in the online shop

Whether the natural stone mosaic beautify the interior or an outdoor floor mosaic provides accents in front of the Assembling the mosaic tiles, the project must already be clear. It offers in addition to complicated projects or conspicuous ones Color designs with the experienced service professionals clarify. There are also many design options ready in the preview. The finished natural stone mosaic is always one eye-catcher. Through the pre-assembled mosaic tiles a large part of the handicrafts in form of finding the right pieces.