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Pebble mosaic tiles

The pebble mosaic tile is a special natural stone tile that is mostly made by hand. Its natural and warm color makes it very popular these days. Pebble was already used as a building material in ancient times - today pebble is mainly used for decorative purposes. This tile is available in different designs for the floor and for the wall. You can get them in different shades of brown, beige, gray and white - depending on the design requirements. There are also the variants natural, polished or ground. There are now also pebble mosaics made of ceramic - the natural variant is the more popular, this variant is also available in other colors such as red or blue.

They are particularly suitable as floor tiles in the bathroom, sauna and kitchen.

But you can also have the tile laid as a floor tile in other areas. The tiles can be used indoors but also outdoors. Due to their round and flat shape, river pebbles are particularly pleasant to walk on and are therefore particularly suitable as floor tiles. You can choose between different types of pebbles. So you can choose between different stones in different sizes and colors.

The pebble tiles are also used as wall tiles in almost all rooms of the house.

Here they are mostly used decoratively to create a special spatial highlight. Often only parts of the wall are tiled with the wall tiles. Whether in the shower, behind the fireplace or as a kitchen bar, you can let your imagination run wild here. Again, you can use them outside and inside your home. As with the floor tile, you can also choose the right one here between the most varied of shapes and colors of the stones.

Pebble mosaic tiles must be specially cared for.

The natural stone tiles may only be cleaned and cared for with special cleaners and care products from specialist dealers. Ceramic tiles are the easier-to-care-for variant here.

A clear advantage of the natural stone tile is its appearance - you get a piece of nature in your house. It is also produced in an environmentally friendly way in a natural way. Since it is usually installed as a highlight, it can be installed quickly and thus remains reasonably priced despite its price. The versatility that they can be used as floor tiles and wall tiles is also noteworthy. A disadvantage is the special care that natural tiles need, here you could consider switching to the ceramic variant if necessary. All in all, whether made of natural stone or ceramic, the pebble mosaic tile transforms every room into something very special.