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Travertine mosaic tiles


Natural stone tiles as a mosaic

The name of this Rock type is derived from the English word "travertine" (=limestone tuff). The natural occurrence of the raw materials for "natural stone tiles travertine" are sometimes found in France, Germany, Italy and Slovakia, however also outside of Europe. In construction, travertine comes in form of mosaic tiles for use. Earlier this material was also used for churches or for building other decorative works.

Material and properties of the natural stone tiles travertine

Travertine belongs to the soft rocks and therefore has low strength. As this is due to the low density of the material it can be edited very easily will. Because of this, there is in the production of travertine tiles relatively short time needed.

The finishing of the tile surface

Of course can "natural stone tiles travertine" not directly from the quarry to the end user. Before the delivery of the mosaic tiles is one surface finishing necessary. For this it is necessary that the stone slabs are drummed or antiqued. I.e. the already sawn mosaic tiles rotate in one free fall mixer along with water and quartz sand, making the tiles bump into each other and the stone edges flake off. So arise "natural stone tiles travertine" with a flat but rough surface.

Colors and sizes of the mosaic tiles

Because of the surface finishing, the "natural stone tiles travertine" have an antique appearance. In addition, the low density of the mosaic tiles is in shape visible from some small openings. Depending on which region the tile comes from varies coloring. The "natural stone tiles travertine" are for example, beige or brown and are available in commercial sizes for floors and walls.