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Bathroom tiles

Floor and wall tiles - a blessing for modern bathrooms

Anyone who uses the word floor tiles or wall tiles hears, in most cases immediately thinks of a bathroom . Understandable, after all, bathroom tiles have served us loyally for many decades. So if you are looking for an equivalent alternative to bathroom tiles, you will most likely despair. Regardless of whether floor tiles or wall tiles - bathroom tiles successfully stand up to the damp environment and are also incredibly easy to care for. Definitely two of the main factors that speak for bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles. But that is by no means the end, because bathroom tiles are also impressive in terms of functionality, color and design.


Bathroom ornament with decor wall tiles

The many advantages of wall tiles and floor tiles

How important e.g. Wall tiles are, people became painfully aware of in the 70s. At that time it was not yet the order of the day for wall tiles to be laid in the bathroom. In some bathrooms, PVC floors were even more or less well laid. As a result, there was always mold somewhere to be fought, as the moisture in the bathroom naturally drew into the floors and walls. So life is much more comfortable these days, as you can now find floor tiles and wall tiles in almost every bathroom. There were also good reasons for this trend. Nothing protects walls from mold as effectively as floor tiles and wall tiles. In addition, liquid can be easily wiped off the floor tiles.

Another point, which of course speaks in favor of bathroom tiles , is the never-ending colors and designs of these carpeting. Since bathroom tiles come in many different sizes and shapes, you can create real mosaic works of art with bathroom tiles. So if you want an individual bathroom, exactly according to your ideas, then this can be easily achieved with the help of floor tiles and wall tiles. Even more or less discreetly glittering designs are possible with bathroom tiles. Another advantage is the fact that you can repair minor damage to bathroom tiles without having to completely dispose of floor or wall tiles.


Pictures of wall tiles for an individual bathroom

What you should consider when buying bathroom tiles

Floor tiles and wall tiles are actually relatively easy to lay, but there are a few things you need to consider with bathroom tiles in order to achieve the desired result. Since floor tiles and wall tiles , not only in the apartment, but also e.g. When used outdoors, there are tiles in different thicknesses. In the bathroom, a distinction is made between floor tiles and wall tiles. For the wall tiles in the interior you should opt for earthenware tiles with overglazed edges. This means that no water can penetrate the sides of the bathroom tiles . When it comes to bathroom floor tiles, normal porcelain stoneware is sufficient. If in doubt, it is better to consult a professional so that you do not experience a rude awakening with your new bathroom tiles.