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Floor tiles in living spaces

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Tiles are a must for the bathroom or kitchen, whether as wall or floor tiles. There are many practical reasons for this, especially the dirt and water-repellent properties and the easy cleaning of tiles, cooking and wet areas are a big plus. But tiles are also popular in living areas, such as in the hallway or living room. The design possibilities that you get through the use of tiles are numerous. Tiles come in different shapes, sizes and colors and the material that tiles are made of is very versatile.

Practical advantages

As already mentioned, tiles are valued and used primarily because of their practical properties. The use of tiles makes more than sense, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Tiles are water resistant, so they are recommended for use in areas where there are sources of water. Very few would think of laying a carpet in their bathroom. You should also be very sparing when using wallpaper in the bathroom. There is a high risk of mold due to the high amount of moisture, which under certain circumstances and structural properties cannot optimally circulate and escape. With wall tiles you are clearly on the safe side in this regard. The same and similar arguments speak for the use of floor tiles and wall tiles in the kitchen. Here, too, the water-repellent properties of the tiles play an important role. Likewise, in the kitchen, for example, there is a not insignificant risk of mold from water vapor, which you can counteract by using wall tiles. Splashes of sauce and fat do not look good on wallpaper and usually cannot be cleaned eliminate more. Wall tiles are also the first and logical choice in this regard. Tiles are easy to clean and generally also insensitive to cleaning agents, which is another advantage for tiles.

Floor tiles in living areas

Tiles in living areas are often perceived as visually cold, which is why the use of tiles is often limited to the hallway or entrance area. With tiles, you have countless design options and give you the opportunity to design your home creatively and individually, especially with regard to the range of materials. For example, tiles can be laid in different colors, shapes and patterns. You can work with mosaics and thus set optical highlights. The use of plinth tiles or tile borders also enables a great variety.

Tiles in the outdoor area

Similar to the wet areas within the In the house or apartment, it is recommended to use tiles outdoors such as on the balcony or terrace or in the winter garden or for stairs, whereby the transition to stone slabs is fluid here. Because of their properties, tiles have a clear advantage here. Like wood, tiles do not have to be specially treated or cared for and protected against the weather. Take advantage of the variety of tiles that have been specially developed for outdoor use. Longevity and low demands on cleaning and care are very beneficial to you.

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