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Mosaic Tiles Filippos Glass Natural Stone Mix

Color: Black, Silver, White Material: Natural Stone, Glass Optic: Retro, Vintage Stone Size: 15x15mm Surface: Mat, Glossy, Structure Tile / Sheet Size: 30x30cm One Sheet: 0,090m² Thickness: 8mm Abrasion: Abrasion 1 Product Type: Wall Tiles, Mosaic tiles, Floor tiles Format: Quadratic Area of Usage: Suitable for wet areas, Kitchen, Indoor area, Living Room, Shower Joint Width: 2mm

€12.50* per Sheet

Content: 0.09 Square meters (€138.89* / 1 m²)
Product number: TM33735

In Stock

Delivery time 4-6 Days

Product Quantity
We recommend ordering 1-2 more mats

Please select your usage environment to get recommended materials

**We recommend ordering 1-2 more mats

Small mosaic tiles with a big impact

On closer inspection, the mosaic tiles reveal fine details. The lighter tiles are decorated with stylized symbols showing, for example, different combinations of circles and squares. Some tiles also show highly simplified depictions of flowers or stars. Reflective and matt surfaces make the tiles a luxurious wall decoration.

Due to the detailed design, the tiles look very classy. Since the individual pieces of the mosaic are very small, the sight of the wall covered with them remains interesting for a long time. The colors used (white, silver and black) are neutral at the same time.

Overall, the mosaic tiles form a rather dark overall picture. However, the tiled surface does not appear visually impenetrable, since the detailed decorations on the individual parts add to the visual relaxation. In addition, the individual bright tiles soften the overall impression.

In the mixture of glass and natural stone, the composition of the materials harmonizes and the light is broken and reflected differently by the different mosaic tiles.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samples information:
Mosaic samples are delivered in a size of approx. ca. 10x10cm, Tile samples are cut out of the specified tile in a size of max. 30x60cm and can not be changed or returned

Every tile and every mosaic have different requirements for trimming, laying and und processing due to individual material characteristics and usage conditions. Please ask a local expert for correct and secure laying of your mosaics or tiles. We are not liable for unprofessional usage and faulty workmanship of constructions materials.


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