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Mosaic Tiles Natural Stone Glass Metal Mix Lockhart

Color: Grey, Black, Silver, Beige Material: Material Mix Surface: Brushed, Mat, Glossy, Structure Thickness: 4-8mm Product Type: Wall Tiles, Mosaic tiles Format: Quadratic Area of Usage: Indoor area, Not Suitable For Wet Areas

€10.50* per Sheet

Content: 0.09 Square meters (€116.67* / 1 m²)
Product number: RAN48470

No longer available

Slate, stainless steel and glass are the exciting components of these mosaic tiles. The slate is completely natural. It clearly stands out with its rough surface. The tiles are not polished, so they are not suitable for floors. They make excellent wall tiles and can be installed in many rooms in the home. In addition to the natural stones, there are glass and metal tiles on the mats. The mix of these tiles makes the difference creates a cozy atmosphere. The mosaic tiles are very easy to work with. The mats can be glued to the wall completely as they were manufactured in the factory. This is done with conventional tile adhesive. They do not have to be grouted. This is how a great structure comes into play. Cleaning is done with a damp cloth and usually does not require any cleaning agents. If a tile should break, it can be replaced without any problems.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samples information:
Mosaic samples are delivered in a size of approx. ca. 10x10cm, Tile samples are cut out of the specified tile in a size of max. 30x60cm and can not be changed or returned

Every tile and every mosaic have different requirements for trimming, laying and und processing due to individual material characteristics and usage conditions. Please ask a local expert for correct and secure laying of your mosaics or tiles. We are not liable for unprofessional usage and faulty workmanship of constructions materials.


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